Diane Roberts is the President and Founder of Diane’s Talking… a company that prides itself on saying whatever you need said, however you want to say it. Diane leads a group of capable, experienced professionals ready to help you with your broadcasting and communications needs… from voice over work and media coaching to reporting and anchoring. In 25 years of television, radio and theater work, Diane has proven she can sell a story line with her compelling vocal skills. As a voice over artist, she can transport listeners with a story or conjure positive feelings about a product.


Diane has extensive experience traveling the country to produce, compose and write compelling stories for network affiliates, PBS stations and government programs. As an anchor and reporter, she is adept at live coverage and series reporting. She is also skilled in all aspects of breaking news.

Media Coach

As a communications and media trainer, Diane has worked with small and large groups including CEOs, senior managers and all levels of employees with non-profits agencies and major corporations. She is a proven newsroom leader and team player who can use these attributes to help you or any member of your team communicate with effectiveness.

Voice Overs

If you've listened closely Over the years, you could have heard Diane's voice on the jumbotron at Yankee Stadium, in a series of modules for a government funded distance learning program, in videos providing cancer prevention tips for women and many other projects.

Sports Reporting

Diane has adeptly interviewed key sports news makers on every level from professional to community recreation league athletes and from owners to coaches and managers.

Broadcasting Instructor

During her long career, Diane has interpreted information and communicated with authority from the anchor desk to the locker room. She can share her tips and stories with yourstudents, no matter what their age, to help them create the best written or on-air product. Students can use what they’ve learned for class, presentations or for life.

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